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Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.

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Marj Atkinson is a research librarian with extensive experience working with students on literature search and writing research papers. She has primarily worked in K-12 and academic institutions on a broad scope of topics. Her current focus is on college graduate students, faculty, and authors seeking assistance with scholarly and business research as well as fact checking.

Before her library career, Marj worked in financial services, healthcare, IT and non-profits. See the Business Research Support section for more information on those services.


Our mission is to help you increase publishing and on-time graduation rate. We strive to help you succeed in your research efforts.

Research Credits

Support for the following authors:
Fred Litwin I Was A Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak, 2018
Raymond Sinibaldi Jackie’s Newport: America’s First Lady and the City by the Sea, 2019
Kerry and Linda Killinger Nothing Is Too Big to Fail: How the Last Financial Crisis Informs Today, 2021

As a longtime writer/editor/publisher, I know the value of professional research. Marj Atkinson, who has done research for me, is the best. She sets the standard and has extensive experience – from years of library employment to staff assignments at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. If it happened, Marj knows how to track down the details quickly and accurately and do it with a smile. Need to know and know now? Simple. Just Ask Marj.

~Roger Summers, Editor/Writer/Political and Corporate Consultant

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